Akshar Inc.

We always keep an eye on the market and world for the changes and modifications coming in market and we think of future.

What we do?

It's visual over verbal. The way your website looks and responds directly impacts first impressions. Why not take your best shot? We make these things work for you.

  • We make your Design

    Simply choose from pre-designed cards and components you can edit.

  • We write your Code

    No coding needed — just get creative right away.

What is it for?

How it is designed?

  • Designed for You

    We carefully designed your website with simplicity in mind. Once you add your own content, your site will be unique and special.

  • Fully Responsive

    We spent a lot of time designing a perfect responsive system so your site will scale flawlessly across any device.

  • We will Code

    We will create full website without having to deal with complex software or even think about coding for you.

  • In-Line Editing

    Editing or changing anything on your website happens directly and instantly , and is as easy as typing an email and sending.

  • Your Fonts

    Now you can easely add beautiful fonts in your pages. Thousands of fonts at your service.

  • CMS as per your need

    We create your CMS and the CMS which serves you need perfectly

How does it work?

It's simple. Create your website, and you can edit and change everything you want at any time.

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Whether you're looking to create just one website, or want to create multiple websites all at once, we have a plan that will best match your needs.

  • Basic


    1 website, support,
    updates and 
    responsive monthly fees
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  • Ecommerce


    Ecommerce portal
    , support,
    updates and 
    no monthly fees
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